Wawle's logical solution

The Wawle Method can eliminate the world’s greatest and most widespread plague to humanity dental disease without medicine and with only a daily dose of sufficiently tough chewing pressure … for dynamic root strength!
As a bonus, you also gain elasticity in the chin region, thus counteracting the unnecessary aging process of sagging and wrinkling.

Here follows a short description of the world’s most inexpensive dental care. The Wawle Method espounds new thinking. The discovery is Wawle’s Dental Rubber Gum of elastic, extra tough, and durable BfR rubber for chewing. As a measure against the chewing passivity of today which results in dental disease and against the equally detrimental low production of saliva and insufficient blood circulation incurred through passivity. According to “the Wawle Principle”, you do not need to have worse teeth than other creatures just because you are human.

The Wawle Method is a very fast, healing therapy for tooth gums leading to successively regenerated, highest tooth enamel quality; new, dynamic root strength; new, tightly fitting gum elasticity… through maximal, deep-activated chewing activity. Introduced as “Wawle’s Wisdom” and attacking the problem of tooth disease from the other direction, i.e. according to the functional requirements necessary for healthy tooth roots and for maximal circulation. To combat infections even down to the jawbone region.