Wawle's logical solution

All exercise increases the volume of the human tissue.

The first picture shows the inventor Thorwald Wawle´s Dental Rubber Gum®. It is always unchangedly effectful in every Chew. The Rubber Gum in every day´s use heals and strengthens the gums. It is a revolution as a prophylactic measure against the problem with weakening tissue of our time, depending on chewing passivity. According to the inventor´s diagnosis this passivity is the main cause to the illnesses of teeth as caries, dryness of mouth, infections and inflammations in the mouth, defects in the set of teeth and loosening of teeth.

Wawle´s Dental Rubber Gum is a Swedish innovation for people, it is analogue to the chewing bone for dogs The exercise that Rubber Gum gives, increases the quality of the tooth tissue and density and so counteracts attacks of caries. Your teeth´s necks will begin to be covered again. You get strong teeth from root to crown.

Tough, elastic chewing is a new inventor idea and a new scientific view of the teeth and a practical method in order to strengthen the teeth. Defects in the set of teeth, I mean, are self-inflicted affection, no illness. It is a consequence of something so simple as chewing passivity, which is caused by the modern soft food that gives teeth to little to ”bite into”.
Strengthen your teeth by increasing your bite pressure, chew yourself healthier.

As a bonus you will get natural vigour in your cheeks.

You should all the same begin to chew very carefully, only some minutes the first time until you feel good with it. All chewing is at ones own risk.