Wawle's logical solution

Wawle's Dental Rubber Gum®

The effect of exercise of the muscles is scientifically secure and universal. Secure is also that muscles not used will be weakened.

Begin to train very carefully, only a few minutes at the beginning until you become accustomed. Feel your way along! Each person must proceed according to his own dental repair situation, which may have left weakened foundations. Therefore, chewing is at your own risk. However, we do not need to turn this activity into something strange.

10-15 minutes chewing is enough as a daily dose, 5-6 days a week, even for increasing saliva production, which works against mouth dryness.

Wawle's Anti-Grindind

It can be used instead of a biting splint and is a real hit, suitable for every teeth biter and teeth grinder. Lying against the cheek, it is good both during day and night so it can be used when you speak, for instance in telephone.
When you clench your teeth you just bite the rubber-plate. Therefore Wawle′s Dental Grinding remedy is excellent for every mouth.

You can use one or two Dental Grinding remedy at the same time, it is easy to test.

Wawle's Scalpe Masseur

The Remedy: one presses the Massager against scalp so that the massage cones get a firm grip on the skin, and draw the Massager back and forth and down into the base of the neck. One massages according to personal preference. The approx. 25 mm large massage cones release the hair strands and do not split the ends.