Wawle's logical solution

The bone quality of the teeth and jaw progresses simultaneously toward  the highest possible bone density and toughness within 1-2 years. That is, back to restored, prehistoric, naturally tough bone tissue through sufficiently adequate chewing pressure. This is revolutionary thinking concerning the technical and biological functional requirements for dental health for all creatures. In the library for dentistry at any university, you will not find a single sentence proclaiming that teeth must work in order to avoid weakened tissue and dental disease, according to my reasoning.

Whatever you do in life – at least, train your teeth!  It is a question of discipline and not something strange. So simple that you can’t miss – 10 to 20 min. of dynamic, strengthening chewing pressure as a daily dose—and if done in time, as a preventative measure. Your tooth gums will heal quickly!!! Through the greatly increased blood circulation!!! The tooth gums will regain their naturally tight fitting elasticity around the teeth.

The tooth gums increase in volume, just as all tissue does after rigorous activity, and cover again the base of your teeth within 3-6 months. You achieve healthy, well toned gum tissue. Tooth sensitivity and trouble with the gums cease through regular chewing activity. Your chin will firm up!   Sagging and small wrinkles will smoothen out!!

My discovery is that the lifelong chewing passivity of mankind is the primary cause for bone tissue weakness, leading to caries, infections and loose teeth. The lack of sufficient chewing pressure  is also the cause of insufficient incitement for proper size development of the jaw in all children. The jaws of children today have become 15-30 mm too small. The teeth, thus, do not have sufficient room in over 70% of the cases for children – 1-2 mm is missing for every tooth
and bite anomalies are occurring, lasting an entire lifetime. All of humanity is becoming deformed in appearance.